How to boost conversions without increasing traffic

In any marketing department you’re always on the lookout for more traffic. The more the merrier, right? How tempting it may be to invest a lot of your online marketing in traffic generating activities that make you swim in visitors, this can’t stand alone. Visitors are not paying customers – yet. So how do you convert more of your website traffic without increasing it? Get the answer here.

Ahhh, traffic!

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching the traffic coming in, when you’ve worked hard to create SEO-friendly content, invested heavily in campaigns, and everything in between to create the best possible marketing funnel. Then you can finally lean back and see all of your website visitors convert to paying customers.

But wait. Hold up… Why is nothing happening?

Generate traffic – and then convert it!

It’s not uncommon that 99% of a company’s online marketing is spent generating traffic and only 1% (!) converting it. Not prioritizing the bottom of your funnel, where visitors convert to paying customers, will result in a low conversion rate. One you’ll for sure not be as happy about as you were about your incoming traffic on your site.

Why not use your traffic and make it more profitable? Traffic is great for any business’ online marketing. But if you’re not careful and it doesn’t convert, traffic is a waste of valuable time and money. Even with thousands of visitors, it comes down to what percentage of them take an action to get in touch with you, book an appointment or buy your product. So called conversions.

There are plenty types of conversions, and the ideal conversion is not necessarily the same for you as it is for me. We generally talk about soft and hard conversions. 

A hard conversion is a conversion within the parameters that have a direct impact on your company’s financial objectives. This type of conversion happens when visitors fill out a contact formular, signs up to try a demo of your product, books a time online or buys your product. These are situations where the visitors have a clear intent. So, what is a soft conversion? A soft conversion is an action, where people have shown interest in your company but don’t directly have the intention to buy. Soft conversions cover a wide range of actions, such as following and sharing content on social media or signing up to your newsletter.

Hard conversions are of course the most attractive for any business owner. But how do you get more of your visitors to contact you, order a demo of your product, book an appointment, or place an order with you?

Focus on your bottom funnel

Of course, traffic-generating activities are a good investment – and often why the potential customer visits your website. But a lot can happen from the second visitors arrive on your site until they decide on the outcome of their visit. For some, your website will appeal to them and seem inviting, while for others it will be illogical and boring. Fortunately, there’s always something you can do to nudge your visitors’ behavior in the direction you want.

If you want to convert more visitors into paying customers, then you need to focus on the bottom of your funnel. That’s where your hard-earned traffic can be engaged and retained. It’s important to create a user-friendly online customer experience and nurture interest. This can be done with eye-catching CTA buttons, crisp headlines and sub-headlines, and clear contact information. These activities have a significant impact on conversion rate optimization (CRO). A fourth and often underrated tool for CRO is live chat.

Live chat. The ultimate CRO-tool.

Weply offers live chat services that increase conversion rates and turn traffic into customers for more than 1.500 businesses. When website visitors have the option to interact with a real human being 24/7 that can handle incoming chats within seconds, they will be much more likely to stay on your website – and not look for a competitor. Weplys chat is staffed by experienced and trained chat consultants who are experts in handling chats for businesses.

Visitors that either has a question or is still in doubt about the product or service, can get their question answered within seconds and feel surer about, that the company can help. It’s proven that this degree of availability and helpfulness leads to a higher conversion. On the average website only 2-5% of visitors will make an action to get in contact with the company for example through a contact form. With a 24/7 live chat you’re able to increase this number significantly. To give an example, the painting company Lykkebo is 31% of the visitors using the chat and 56% of those turn into hot leads. 

There are many ways you can get more out of your current marketing budget. Many will naturally turn to traffic-generating activities, but why not start by tapping into the potential of your existing traffic? Only using 1% on your marketing budget on converting traffic is not sustainable. The bottom of the funnel is where you can make the most gains in your conversion rate, for example by implementing the conversion optimization tool of all, live chat! Then you will see how your conversion rate increases even if you don’t increase your traffic. And who doesn’t want more sales out of the same marketing budget?

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