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Professional painting service

Malerfirmaet Lykkebo was looking for a way to get their traffic to convert so their marketing budget was utilised better. They were happy to have found Weply to help with exactly this. By introducing Weply's chat on their website, the extra opportunity for contact and the constant signal of being online brought Lykkebo to experience how the number of customers increased while using the same marketing budget.


Weply helps Sandgrav Solutions reach more potential customers. By introducing a professional staffed chat, their website visitors got a contact channel that they could turn to. This way, Sandgrav Solutions are able to reach out to customers quickly and find out if there is a potential sale. Through Weply, they received a contact channel that could generate leads. Weply increases their conversion rate and, according to Frederik Sandgrav, CEO, delivers leads of towering quality.


Merrild Lavazza had a desire to have a customer contact channel that could generate leads. They found it with Weply. As a company with a small marketing department, they did not have the opportunity to staff a chat, which is why Weply was the perfect match. By outsourcing customer service, they received several inquiries, and could simultaneously provide their website visitors good service. They experienced here that their conversion rate was increased - specifically, they got 18 inquiries on average per month. It goes to show that Weply not only improves the customer experience, but also generates more leads and sales.

Property Buying Agent

The company Bomae wanted to raise their conversion rate so that more of their website visitors became buying customers. By introducing Weply's chat feature on their website, the investment they made in a live chat quickly proved to be worthwhile. Already after a few days they had gotten so many leads that their investment was worth it. Specifically, they saw an almost 30% increase in their conversion rate. Weply thus helped them convert their existing website traffic into buying customers.

Kitchen inventory

As ZegoTech is a small team of 10 people, it was an easy decision for them to outsource customer service so that they themselves had more time for business-critical tasks. By collaborating with Weply, they got an extra person in charge of staffing the live chat so they didn't even have to worry about it. Weply then forwards relevant leads to ZegoTech so that the experts can handle the sale. Specifically, Weply has raised ZegoTech's sales by 20-25%. Weply thus goes in and staffs your live chat, creates more leads and raises the conversion rate.

Elevator manufacturing and service

After Weply’s chat was introduced on Hydro-Con Elevator's website, they have received 14-15 inquiries within a span of 6 weeks. As Weply has professional chat consultants to staff the chat, you get an authentic dialogue, thereby ensuring that customers get the best possible service. Thus, more customers choose to buy once they have received the help and service they requested. Through Weply chat, you get a way to be in contact with your customers while getting more sales.

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