Mine Arvinger

Helping families with their legal situation.

About Mine Arvinger

Mine Arvinger is composed of a team of educated lawyers who help within family law. They lay weight on giving professional yet understandable counseling.

They were able to generate traffic to their website, but needed a way to be in contact with their visitors in real-time.

We can feel that clients are already prepared with initial information, before we call them.

- Thomas Vasileiou, Director at Mine Arvinger


Efter at Mine ArvingerAfter getting Weply, Mine Arvinger can tackle their leads easily. The conversations through chat allowed for insights into the client's specific needs, and from there the client was also explained the consulting process and next steps. It left clients feeling more prepared, and also gave Mine Arvinger a solid foundation to meet the clients' needs.


The initial interaction between potential clients and the chat on the website lifted their conversion rate, and also increased the quality of their leads. Therefore, Mine Arvinger's marketing budget was utilised better.

Listen to Thomas tell about Mine Arvinger's experience with Weply.


Last updated: December 2020

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