Weply vs. tawk.to

Weply and tawk.to are both live chat providers that develop chats for businesses that are staffed by real human beings. One would therefore think they reminded a lot of each other. They do, too, at some points, but in the end, it is two very different solutions. Weply differentiates by offering a complete chat package where businesses won’t have to lift a finger or pay an extra fee to get the full effect of personal dialogues.


Personal manned chat

With Weply’s live chat, you are assured that there is always a real human being that will be ready to answer your website visitors’ inquiries in the chat. Our chat agents are employed internally with us and are continuously trained. Also, they become better and faster at answering your chats as they get to know your business and customers. With tawk.to you can freely get their chat online on your website as well as access to the system behind, so you can answer chats yourself. However, if you want external staffing, it costs 1$ an hour adding a chat agent to your solution.

Online 24/7

Unlike tawk.to, you are guaranteed 24/7 365 online availability with Weply. There will always be a real human being ready to interact with your visitors on your site. With tawk.to your availability will depend on your own resources in terms of covering the chat either yourself or paying extra for external chat agents. The fee for chat agents through tawk.to is 1$ per hour whereas the average price is 0.2$ at Weply. We know for a fact how important businesses’ online availability is. Our data show that +50% of all customers’ chats come outside the period 8AM-4PM, and more than 23% of all chats are in weekends. Therefore, 24/7 availability is part of Weplys chat solution.

chat bubbles

Deep understanding of online dialogues

Weply and tawk.to both believe that interacting personally with customers online is key. No chat bots, only real human beings. However, there is a big difference in what kind of external staffing the two chat providers offer. Tawk.to offer chat agents that handle chats in English, where Weply offer agents that communicate in both English, Swedish and Danish. We know how important and convenient it is for customers to interact in their own native language. Also, Weply’s agents are specialists in online dialogues, as they are trained in questioning techniques, mirroring, dialogue management, and metacommunication. Having this skill set, the chat agents can adjust every single chat dialogue to the specific customer. This will elevate website visitors’ experience on your site, which lead to happier and more loyal customers.

Elevate your chat with lead generation

Getting a ton of customer inquiries either by phone, e-mail, or contact formulars is any business’ dream. However, it ends up being a nightmare if the majority of these are not relevant for you. This easily ends up in a lot of wasted work hours. You can avoid this with Weplys chat solution. We collect, sort, and forward leads on customers that live up to your lead requirements. For instance, you could have the lead requirement that customers should give up a phone number, e-mail, and live in a specific area. Similar service does not exist at tawk.to – in fact, Weply is the only one on the market that offer this kind of lead generation 24/7.


Easy and quick implementation

Getting your Weply chat up and running does not require any complex setup procedures. The setup itself only take 5 minutes. From there, your chat will be staffed 24/7 by real people who specializes in online dialogues and converting websites visitors into leads. Unlike tawk.to, Weply does not require any internal resources to have a well functioned chat. Since the chat is staffed by external chat consultants, you will not have to use any time or resources on training your employees in how to answer chats and use the platform.

The chat Google is going to reward

Chats will influence website’s SEO rating. Most chat services will have a negative effect as they slow down websites’ page speed. Unlike other providers, Weply’s fast and light widget will actually improve websites’ SEO rating. Weply’s chat will boost the site’s page authority through increased engagement, which will improve its rating in Google. This will add value to your business as it ultimately generates more traffic to your site. You can therefore implement Weply’s widget without worrying about degrading any of your SEO parameters.


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