Our social impact

At Weply we have employed 17 persons with disabilities. Not as charity, but business - a sustainable business, that is built on dedicated colleagues.

In Denmark, about 120.000 persons with disabilities are unemployed - a large fraction of them are eligible to work. A fifth of all those eligible to work are unemployed. That has large consequences for those, who are not part of the community. It leaves a mark on a family, when a parent lacks a sense of identity and satisfaction, that comes with having a job. For society it has a large economic and social impact. Helping a person with disabilities relieves society of about a quarter of a million Danish kroners.

It is possible to make room for those,
who don't thrive in traditional employments

Since we employ persons with disabilities and therefore help increase economic inclusion and growth, we contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

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We hope to inspire other companies by showing that it is possible to make a difference even with the most commercial business model. With us, other companies can live out our vision of becoming the largest employer of persons with disabilities in the world.