Our values

Equality and diversity are our key priorities. We strive to have the broadest representation in our workforce and do not exclude people based on gender, age, religious beliefs, race, disability, or economic status. Alongside our own journey, we want to inspire other businesses to join our agenda towards a more equal job market.

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Last updated September 2021

We make room for people

who don't thrive in traditional employment

At Weply we especially feel very strongly about one specific matter.

In fact, it is our biggest motivation. We fight for social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities. A lot of people with disabilities are excluded from the job market because of the traditional working structures we have built. We create jobs for those who do not thrive in traditional employments. We hire people with disabilities as our chat consultants. Our chat consultants can contribute with their qualities how it fits them. They can work from home and for as many hours as it is possible.

In 2018 we became aware of an urgent societal problem in Denmark that inspired us to built our business model as we did.

  • Around 120.000 people with disabilities are unemployed.
  • A fifth of those are eligible to work, but unemployed.
  • Many companies do not provide the flexibility it takes for people with disabilities to apply for jobs.

Because of that, they are excluded from the job market which has several consequences. The individual missing out of being a part of a working community and getting a feeling of being valued based on their qualities. It also leaves a mark on a family, when a parent or partner is missing a sense of identity that comes with having a job.

Why we do

what we do

Meet Peter, one of our chat consultants

We hope to inspire other companies by showing that it is possible to make a difference even with the most commercial business model. With us, other companies can live out our vision of becoming the largest employer of persons with disabilities in the world.

We practice what we preach

Weply contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as we fight for economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities and working towards a job market with reduced inequalities.

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