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Convert your current traffic into hot leads

Give campaigns and conversion rates a boost by being available in person 24/7. We create sales-qualified leads through personal chat conversations.

Experts in transforming traffic into buying customers


Leads directly to your CRM

We collect data and send hot leads directly to your CRM system. We can integrate with just about any system.


Available day and night

Grab your visitors’ attention and keep it by dealing with inquiries within 4 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Insight into digital behavior

With our customer platform, you get a unique insight into website visitors’ behavior. Not only that, but find your leads, chat dialogues, statistics, and much more.

Increase sales and get more out of your current marketing budget

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Boost your conversion rate

99% of a business’s marketing budget typically goes to generating traffic. Live chat is the ultimate conversion tool, converting so much more of the traffic that you’ve already generated.

Chat improves your website’s SEO ranking.

Engagement is a parameter that Google measures using factors such as dwell time and bounce rate. Both these factors are positively influenced by live chat as visitor interaction is that much greater.

Optimal set-up with A/B testing

The best way of uncovering that golden conversion formula is by testing. We help you by testing up to 34 parameters in your chat, enabling you to optimize your performance.

Set the scene for generating sales-qualified leads

Gather leads naturally

Using chat, the preferred channel for communicating with businesses means you can generate leads from visitors naturally as they have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Establish unique requirements for your leads

Which customers do you really want to get in touch with? Determine the criteria for your ideal customer profile, and our chat consultants will exclusively collect leads that match that profile.

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Guidance of a Customer Success Manager

Every 3rd chat turned into a lead in 2021


We turn visitors into customers for 2,000+ companies

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“In just a few days, we saw that the leads we got in had actually paid off the investment - and many times over. That’s because we got hold of a segment that we weren't able to reach before.”

— Tomas Maltha Krogh | Bomae

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